CCA-01 Introduction to Pavement Engineering and Management (online)

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This course was developed in partnership with the City and County Pavement Improvement Center, funded by California Senate Bill 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017. This class delivery is supported by the California Department of Transportation, Division of Local Assistance, which offers reduced registration fees to employees of California's city, county, regional, and other public agencies.


The course introduces the functional requirements of pavement for different purposes, including streets, roads, highways, and bicycle/pedestrian paths, and the types of pavement that can meet those functional requirements. The class provides a basic understanding of how pavement materials, structural design, construction, and asset management interact to affect pavement performance for each pavement type. The class covers all of the pavement distresses occurring in California within the context of the various climate regions and traffic conditions in the state. This knowledge framework is important for making well-informed decisions regarding materials and construction specifications and their enforcement, and treatment selection and timing. This is the primary introductory course in the pavement engineering and management training program offered by the City and County Pavement Improvement Center the CCPIC in partnership with TechTransfer.

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Topics Include

  • Pavement functional requirements: functional requirements for different contexts, where pavement materials come from and how they affect performance
  • Pavement type definitions: flexible, concrete, semi-rigid, composite, surface treated, gravel, permeable, basics of drainage
  • Distress mechanisms, interactions of materials properties, construction, traffic, environment: basic characteristics of traffic, environment, materials affecting pavement distresses, basic overview of each pavement distress mechanism
  • Maintenance and rehabilitation treatments: Descriptions of maintenance, rehabilitation and end-of-life treatments to address distresses
  • Distress mechanisms of rehabilitation and end-of-life treatments, interactions of materials properties, construction, traffic, environment: Distress mechanisms of maintenance and rehabilitation treatments
  • Overviews of pavement management, life cycle cost analysis, life cycle assessment and an introduction to how they work with knowledge obtained in this class

What You Will Learn

Participants will learn the functional requirements of pavements and pavement types intended for different purposes, including the basics of pavement materials, their performance-related properties and source, manufacture, design, and construction impacts on performance. You will have a framework of knowledge regarding how different types of pavement and rehabilitation treatments fail, and how materials, structural design, construction, preservation and maintenance interacting with the different climates and traffic conditions to cause the distresses that determine pavement performance needed to make well-informed decisions. Participants will also get an overview of how pavement asset management, life cycle cost analysis, and life cycle assessment can be used to make better pavement decisions. Pavements considered include streets, roads, highways, and bicycle/pedestrian paths.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for engineers and technical staff involved in the design, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of pavement, asset managers, and transportation agency managers who have pavement responsibilities.

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