IDM-03 Asphalt Pavement Materials, Design, Construction and Maintenance

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CEUs: 2.40


This three-day course is aimed at covering the full range of topics related to asphalt concrete pavements from materials and mix design to construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation. Asphalt concrete pavements are a vital part of an agency's assets and constitute about 90% of the local streets in California. The numerous topics in this class will be presented in sufficient detail to assist the local agency engineer when dealing with contractors, consultants, and specifications. It is expected that the information presented will be very useful to those that design, specify, and manage asphalt pavements.

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Topics Include

  • asphalt materials - binder, aggregate, mix design
  • pavement design
  • pavement construction from production and placement to compaction and specifications
  • asphalt concrete distress identification
  • maintenance strategies including surface treatments
  • rehabilitation and recycling strategies (cold, hot, full depth)

What you will learn

By the end of this course, students have a broad understanding of asphalt materials, construction, and proven asphalt pavement maintenance and rehabilitation strategies along with their most appropriate use in an agency's overall pavement management plan.

Who should attend

Who should attend: This course is particularly designed for junior-level engineers in state and local agencies and those new to the pavement field who would benefit from a strong introduction to asphalt pavements. More senior level agency engineers, consultants, contractors, maintenance personnel, and asphalt producers may gain from the class as it covers a wide range of topics in the asphalt pavement field.

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