TE-37 Access Management (online)

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CEUs: 0.75


This course grants 0.75 CEUs and 7.5 AICP CM credits. (AICP pending approval)


Managing the location, type and design of vehicular connections to a roadway is an important strategy in the reduction of crash rates and maintaining reliable mobility and capacity in accordance with a road's functional purpose. This course focuses on good practices for effective access management. It provides a sound technical foundation for engineers and planners whose work involves designing or reviewing site access, driveway permitting, roadway safety, roadway design, intersection and driveway spacing and network and corridor planning.

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Topics Include

  • principles of Access Management
  • reasons to manage access
  • access control within functional hierarchy
  • multi-modal aspects
  • managing access is network management
  • access management plans
  • impact mitigation elements of driveway and intersection design
  • techniques that work in applied access management
  • interchange cross street access control
  • access decision making - proof of necessity
  • respecting property rights
  • frequency and spacing
  • access design for larger vehicles
  • public involvement on corridor projects
  • economic aspects
  • examples of agency programs, policies and practices

What You Will Learn

Students learn about access management strategies and techniques so they can locate, design and manage safe, efficient means to move traffic to and from adjoining land use. They will learn techniques to improve traffic flow and travel times with less delay and how to protect the public investment in their road system to help reduce agency capital costs.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for agency staff and consultants that are involved in the planning, engineering and maintenance of streets, roads and highways. It is also very useful for those in land use planning who are involved in any aspect of development planning and zoning, including site design, the design or review of traffic circulation plans and traffic impact studies and review of development projects. Experienced professionals will benefit from the focus on state-of-the-practice tools and techniques. No previous knowledge of access management is required for the course.

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