TE-01 Fundamentals of Traffic Engineering

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CEUs: 3.20


This course grants 3.2 CEUs and 17.5 AICP CM credits. (Pending AICP Approval)


This course has provided California's traffic engineers and planners with core training for more than three decades. Contents are regularly updated to reflect current practices and new issues. The course spans the full range of key areas from characteristics of the transportation system, analysis of flow and capacity, traffic operations, traffic control devices, pedestrian/bicycle facilities, to traffic safety and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). The course is taught by a team of expert practicing engineers and academics.

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Topics Include

  • principles of traffic engineering
  • traffic stream characteristics
  • speed, volume, travel time, delay studies
  • roadway design
  • traffic control devices
  • signing, markings, roadside delineation
  • traffic and freeway operations
  • congestion management
  • capacity analysis
  • lighting
  • pedestrian and bicycle facilities
  • neighborhood traffic management
  • traffic safety analysis and practices
  • intersection and speed control
  • parking studies
  • traffic impact studies
  • introduction to advanced traffic management systems

What You Will Learn

Students gain a solid, comprehensive understanding of the basic vocabulary, principles, and working concepts of all major areas of traffic engineering as they are practiced today. Students are also introduced to the essential traffic engineering tool kit used to analyze roadway and traffic operations and to develop projects.

Who Should Attend

This course benefits engineers, planners, and technicians who are new to traffic engineering principles and practices. It should be viewed as the introductory course for other advanced classes on focused topics in traffic engineering.

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