TE-56 Meeting the Challenges of Transportation Liability and Risk Management (online)

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This class is offered in partnership with the California Department of Transportation, Division of Local Assistance. Registration fees are subsidized with funding from the Cooperative Training Assistance Program. Reduced rates are available to employees of California's city, county, regional, and other public agencies only.


The intent of this course is to improve public agency defense practices and reduce future claims by raising awareness of certain design elements that frequently expose cities to liability or create unnecessary risk. The class will cover design, traffic control device usage, and often overlooked or ignored operational/maintenance issues that end up causing accidents, potential fatalities and litigation. This course will also focus on tort liability litigation practices and the review of real-life cases involving the exercise of discretion in design. We will try to provide a framework for determining successful strategies employed when dealing with design decisions, especially when made following the principles of context sensitive solutions. The most recent sources of information will be identified so participants can obtain additional information on the course topics listed below. Although the cases discussed will involve lawsuits resulting from highway design, the information provided will help civil engineers who are involved as witnesses in various types of litigation.

A significant and continuing need of Highway and Transportation Departments involves assembling, analyzing, and evaluating operating practices, administrative procedures, and legal issues associated with highway and transportation projects. Individual State legal experiences need to be compared and made available for possible wider application. This online course will identify and evaluate legal options and how this facilitates the handling of both immediate and long-range needs of engineering, planning, and administrative aspects of transportation programs. The course will be interactive; students will be asked for responses about various aspects of the presented material, potential design flaws and real-life case studies.

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Topics Include

  • Understanding concepts of liability for design or maintenance of public infrastructure.
  • Covering the basics of document production, responding to Public Records Requests, Notices to Produce Documents, Special Interrogatories, Request for Admissions
  • How to behave, respond and provide focused responses to questions posed by Attorneys during Depositions and at trial from an engineer's perspective only
  • Learning about a variety of tort liability litigation practices
  • Understanding how highway design practices are challenged in various situations
  • Exploring concept of discretion as a strategy in government tort liability
  • Understanding the importance of balancing factors in addressing the needs of all road users.

Who Should Attend

This webinar will benefit transportation professionals (engineers and planners) who work for consultants, cities, counties, and state agencies involved in designing roadway projects. This course is designed for individuals with some background and training in designing streets and intersections who are interested in learning more about the tort liability, how it relates to the highway design process. The course may also be helpful to the staff of public agencies who are involved with street and roadway maintenance on a day to day basis.

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