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TE-13Synchro and SimTraffic V10June 7-8, 201706/07/1706/08/17Rancho Cordova
AV-12Airport Systems Planning and Design (46th Annual Short Course)June 19-22, 201706/19/1706/22/17Berkeley
TE-09Type 2070 Traffic Signal ControllerMay 1-2, 201705/01/1705/02/17Fresno
TE-53VMT Metrics Application & Analysis for SB 743 Compliance FullApril 25, 201704/25/1704/25/17Ontario
TE-41Traffic Signal Design: Complete Streets ApplicationMay 16-17, 201705/16/1705/17/17Dublin
TE-42Multimodal Transportation Impact AnalysisMay 9-10, 201705/09/1705/10/17Dublin
TE-52Bikeway Facility Design and Safety ImprovementJune 7-14, 201706/07/1706/14/17Online
TE-43Multimodal Transportation Operations: Evaluation Methods & Performance MeasuresMay 23 - June 8, 201705/23/1706/08/17Online
IDM-26In-Place Asphalt Recycling and Stabilization StrategiesJune 8, 201706/08/1706/08/17Emeryville
CTPC172017 California Transportation Planning ConferenceMay 3-5, 201705/03/1705/05/17Walnut Creek
TE-29California Traffic Engineering License Exam Review (online)September 6 - October 16, 201709/06/1710/16/17Online
TE-53VMT Metrics Application & Analysis for SB 743 ComplianceJune 7, 201706/07/1706/07/17Ontario

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Course Catalog

TE-13SYNCHRO and SimTraffic
PL-08Managing Transportation and Land Use Interactions
TE-01Fundamentals of Traffic Engineering
TE-02Traffic Signal Design: Engineering Concepts
TE-04Traffic Signal Operations: Fundamental Concepts
TE-08Type 170 Traffic Signal Controller
TE-09Type 2070 Traffic Signal Controller
TE-10Traffic Signal Operations: Advanced Applications
TE-11Access Management and Site Design
PD-01Fundamentals of Inspection Practice
IDM-03Asphalt Pavement Materials, Design, Construction and Maintenance
IDM-04Asphalt Pavement Maintenance for Local Agencies
PL-02Funding and Programming Transportation Projects in California
IDM-01Geometric Design for California
TS-03Roadside Safety and Guardrail Systems (road show)
TE-06California MUTCD Update Workshop
TE-26Roundabout Design
IDM-23Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) Methodology for Bridges
TE-27Traffic Flow Principles for Practitioners (online)
TS-04Improving Safety at Intersections (online)
TS-10Traffic Control for Safer Work Zones (road show)
TE-30Maintaining Retroreflectivity at Required Levels (road show)
TE-34Bikeway Facility and Master Planning (online)
TE-32Pedestrian Facility Design (online)
IDM-26In-Place Asphalt Recycling & Soil Stabilization Strategies
TE-38Roundabouts: What You Need to Know (online)
TE-37Access Management (online)
TE-36Multimodal Level-of-Service Analysis (online)
TE-24Traffic Signal Diagnostics and Maintenance
PL-11Complete Streets Planning and Design
PL-58Managing Transportation and Land Use Interactions (online)
TS-51Improving Safety of Railroad Crossings & Light Rail Systems (online)
TE-51Adaptive Traffic Control Systems (online)
TE-42Multimodal Transportation Impact Analysis
TE-40Multimodal Transportation Planning and Engineering
IDM-28Pavement Management Systems and Preservation Strategies
TE-41Traffic Signal Design: Complete Streets Application
IDM-27Superpave Mix Design for Local Agencies (online)
PL-14Transportation Planning Fundamentals for California Streets
TE-54Commercial Development Site Design and Traffic Impact Analysis (Online)
ENV-01Sustainable Transportation Fuel & Vehicle Technologies: Low-Carbon Solutions
TE-55Parking Management for Sustainable Development (online)
PL-61Transit-Oriented Development: Putting it all Together (online)
PL-60Bus Rapid Transit: Planning, Design, and Operations (online)
TE-53VMT Metrics Application & Analysis for SB 743 Compliance
TE-52Bikeway Facility Design and Safety Improvement (online)
TE-43Multimodal Transportation Operations: Evaluation Methods & Performance Measures (online)

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Not Currently Scheduled

These courses are not currently scheduled, but may be offered at a future date. Click the course Title link for more information.

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