TS-10 Traffic Control for Safer Work Zones (road show)

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Traffic Control for Safe Work Zones is designed to meet the needs of workers constructing and maintaining roads or completing utility work in roadways in California. This Cal-OSHA compliant training incorporates the latest State and Federal guidelines and is available to cities, counties, state, and federal agencies, utility companies, and private contractors.

Customization is a key feature of our Work Zone Safety Training program — our course can be tailored to accommodate the needs of crews working on local streets, low volume roads, or high-speed facilities.

Collectively, our team of instructors has over 150 years of work zone related experience and has trained thousands of workers in California. Two of our instructors, Dave Royer and Temo Galvez, are active members of the WATCH Committee. The WATCH Committee is an Administrative Committee of Public Works Standards, Inc (PWSI), made up of Traffic and Civil Engineers, Engineering Consultants and individuals who instruct agency and contractor personnel on work area traffic control. The Committee reviews and evaluates changes to the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), and produces a new edition of the Work Area Traffic Control Handbook (WATCH) every three years, or after California adopts each new edition of the MUTCD. These pocket-sized publications comply with the California MUTCD and are specifically geared toward local agency use. All students receive a copy of the WATCH manual.

Topics Include

  • Traffic control plans for various types of roadway situations encountered in cities and counties in California
  • Instruction on proper flagging procedures
  • Legal section on work zone tort liability

What You Will Learn

By the end of the training, the student will:
  • Understand the requirements to protect the driving public and work zone crew at and around construction and maintenance areas (or work zones)
  • Be able to develop traffic control plans for work zones in accordance with state and national guidelines
  • Understand safety equipment and markings and their uses/limitations under various conditions
  • Be able to install traffic control devices for work zones to assure safety of the driving public and the work zone crew
  • Be able to safely install and remove a variety of safety equipment and markings used to control/guide traffic safely through work zones < /li>
  • Know how to reduce risk of personal and agency liability arising from negligence in the work zone design and operation
  • Be able to use techniques, devices and equipment to safely direct vehicle movements around work zones in accordance with state and national guidelines
  • (Optional flagging module) Be able to use flags and paddles to safely control vehicle movements around work zones in accordance with state and national guidelines

Who Should Attend

This training is designed for road construction and maintenance crews, utility workers, and their supervisors who are expected to work in and around the public street right-of-way and are responsible for the implementation of traffic safety control plans in the field.


The California Department of Transportation, Division of Local Assistance, is now offering subsidized pricing for this training through the Cooperative Training Assistance Program. Eligible public agencies may pay only $2,000 for the Traffic Control for Safer Work Zones (TS-10) training class. This special pricing is available to city, county, regional, and other agencies hosting classes through June 2015. Some restrictions may apply, so please contact us for details. Furthermore, your agency or company can host a class exclusively for your own work crews, or coordinate with neighbors for further savings.

The regular price for this class is $5,550.

All pricing good through June 2017.

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