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"Work Zone Safety: Everybody's Responsibility"


Traffic Control for Safe Work Zones is designed to keep the workers and public safe during road construction and maintenance, utility work, landscaping and railway maintenance work along roadways in California. This training course is compliant with the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (CAMUTCD), Cal-OSHA Sections 1598 & 1599, and California Vehicle Code Section 21400; it also incorporates the latest State and Federal guidelines.

Customization is a key feature of our Work Zone Safety Training program - our course can be tailored to accommodate the needs of crews working on local streets, low volume roads, or high-speed facilities.

Collectively, our team of instructors has over 150 years of work zone related experience. They are all Licensed Professional Engineers who all work for Public Agencies or as Engineering and Liability Consultants. Many of the instructors also are active members of the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, the Work Area Traffic Control Handbook (WATCH) and the Caltrans 2014 CAMUTCD working team.

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Topics Include

  • Liability and Human Factors in Work Zones
  • Worker, Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety
  • Temporary Traffic Control Devices
  • Components of Traffic Control Layouts
  • Workshop on Typical Application Solutions
  • Prepare, Install and Remove Work Zones
  • Evaluate and Document Work Zones
  • Flagging

What You Will Learn

By the end of the training, the student will:
  • Understand the need and requirements to protect the driving public and work-zone crew at and around work zones.
  • Gain knowledge concerning actions to reduce risk of personal, agency liability arising from negligence in the work-zone design and operation, and human factors that affect motorists traversing the work zone.
  • Learn how to use the course handbooks, namely CAMUTCD, WATCH, Flagging Instruction Book and the Temporary Pedestrian Facility Handbook.
  • Gain knowledge on "bicyclist and pedestrian accommodations" and be able to implement traffic control plans for work zones that are safe for non-motorist.
  • Learn to develop and or implement traffic control plans for work zones in accordance with the CAMUTCD Standards and Guidance.
  • Understand safety equipment and markings as well as their uses/limitations under various conditions.
  • Learn to efficiently install and remove traffic control devices for work zones to assure safety of the driving public and the work-zone crew.
  • Be able to safely prepare, install and remove a variety of safety equipment and markings used to control/guide traffic safely through work zones.
  • Learn how to use techniques, devices and equipment to safely direct vehicle movements around work zones in accordance with CAMUTCD
  • Learn to use and demonstrate Flagging operations to safely control vehicle movements around work zones in accordance with the CAMUTCD.
  • Be able to handle emergency vehicles traveling through the work zone, emergency situations and methods of dealing with hostile drivers.

Who Should Attend

This training is available to cities, counties, state, and federal agencies, utility companies, and private contractors.

From the CAMUTCD 6B.06:

"Each person whose actions affect Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) zone safety, from the upper-level management through the field workers, should receive training appropriate to the job decisions each individual is required to make. Only those individuals who are trained in proper TTC practices and have a basic understanding of the principles should supervise the selection, placement, and maintenance of TTC devices used for TTC zones and for incident management."


The regular group pricing for this class is $5,550 for up to 40 attendees. If you have a large group to train please email workzones@techtransfer.berkeley.edu or call 510-642-3605.


"Traffic Control for Safer Work Zones by Technology Transfer Program is an excellent course, not only providing critical training for various field crews, but also protecting employees and members of the public. We received numerous positive reviews from employees and managers regarding the instructors and the course. This is one of the most sought-after classes and we would like to provide it on a regular basis."
Saranta Robroo
Corporate Safety, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

"The California JPIA is a Risk Pool comprised of 118 member agencies across the State of California. We rely on the Tech Transfer Program, and specifically the "Traffic Control for Safer Work Zones", to ensure that road crews in our member agencies receive the proper training to perform their jobs safely, for both the workers as well as the public. On average 400 public works employees receive this training annually through this program.
Ryan Thomas
Training and Loss Control Specialist, California Joint Powers Insurance Authority

"Flagging and traffic control at the Presidio is always a challenge especially now due to the heavy construction occurring throughout the Park. The two classes that Tech Transfer provided were both informative and well-received by our employees.
We strongly support ITS' efforts to develop and share training and information to make roadway construction work zones safer for workers and the public."

Howard Rudolf
Safety and Occupational Health Manager, The Presidio Trust

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