Instructor Information

James Signore PhD, PE, Associate, NCE

Dr. Signore is an Associate at NCE in Richmond, CA. He has over 25 years of engineering experience including 20 years in the pavement field. He is responsible for design, rehabilitation, and material issues for pavement projects for numerous California local agencies, Caltrans Pavement Program, and San Francisco International Airport. He specializes in pavement design and evaluation, rehabilitation and maintenance, materials assessment, and training. His work for Caltrans includes managing the On-Call Engineering contract and formerly included involvement with the development of Superpave mix designs, next generation mechanistic pavement design, and long life AC performance designs.
Dr. Signore is a Member of the TRB Committee AFD70 - Pavement Rehabilitation, AFD70-1 - Pavement Interlayer Systems, and FAA Airport Pavement Technical Working Group. He has published and presented for 20 years at TRB and at many international conferences. He has taught at San Jose State University and for the National Highway Institute and continues to teach for ASCE.

Margot Yapp PE, Vice President, NCE

Ms. Yapp has over 25 years of experience in the area of transportation engineering specializing in pavement design, asset/pavement management and research for roads, highways and airfields. She has also implemented many Pavement Management Systems for cities, counties and airports in California, Oregon, Idaho and Nevada. She has taught workshops on pavement management systems for the National Highway Institute. She has been the Project Manager for the California Statewide Local Streets and Roads Needs Assessment since 2008 and recently completed the 2014 update. On this project, she directed the development of a website, online database and data collection from all 540 cities and counties, the development of the needs and scenario methodologies for both pavement and non-pavement assets, and the funding analysis. She was also responsible for communicating the results to a wide variety of audiences, including state legislators.