Instructor Information

Fred Choa TE, Multi-Modal Operations Practice Leader, Principal, Fehr & Peers Associates

Mr. Choa has over 25 years of experience in traffic engineering and operations analysis. Fred serves as Fehr & Peers' National Multi-Modal Traffic Operations and Simulation ((MMTOS) Expert due to his expertise in operations (Synchro, HCS, SIDRA, Tru-Traffic, PASSER, and TRANSYT) and simulation (SimTraffic, TransModeler, VISSIM, AimSUN CORSIM, Dynasim, and Paramics) to improve safety, reduce delays and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Fred has successfully completed major projects throughout the United States involving a wide variety of transportation and operational design issues such as Multi-Modal Signal Coordination, ITS Speed Harmonization, Transit Operations (BRT, LRT, Streetcar, and Transit Systems), Transit Signal Priority, HOV / HOT lanes, Innovative Interchange and Corridor Designs, Roundabouts, and Freeway / Goods Movement Corridors. He has published several professional papers on issues related to traffic operations and simulation for the Institute of Transportation Engineers and the Transportation Research Board.

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